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Was It Really Cake to the Rescue? It Sure Was!

Cake 2 The Rescue Cake Kit | the 10th of November our little “spirited” Isabell turned 4 and seeing we were moving into our new house not long after her birthday, we had a little party for her a week early.  To help alleviate stress on me (because lets face it, mums generally do all the Birthday organising) we only had a small party with her closest friends and grandparents. I always feel a little pressure throwing Izzy parties considering I run a party supply business, however this is the second year it has fallen during a busy time of moving house (we moved into a rental last year after selling our house) and once again I had to keep it simple and easy and fortunately seeing she is still little I could probably really get away with just a cake, balloon and a present!
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Do You Wanna Make Some Snow? Two Ingredients Is All You Need.

Two Ingredient Snow Frozen Fun | look at Pinterest and see all the snow, log fireplaces, hot chocolate recipes and general White Christmas ideas and think Wow, how different is Australia? Here we have burning sun, beaches, prawns and pavs and cold cans of drink; but would you have it any other way?
While I love the warm weather, I do think just once I would love to have a White Christmas like in the movies and be all rugged up next to a fire sipping a hot toddy but alas I am sure the forecast for this Christmas will be over 30 degrees so I think I will have to be happy with a nice chilled class of Moscato, some trifle and the air con!!
So to bring a little White Christmas to our home I have made Isabell some Two Ingredient Snow.

Simple, quick, easy and affordable is always the key with me so here we go……

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Sparkle our Elf on the Shelf has arrived…..

Elf on the shelf |


This year we have welcomed Sparkle our Elf on the Shelf doll. Isabell picked out the name, after Twighlight Sparkle (My Little Pony) of which she believes in her heart of hearts that Santa is bringing her for Christmas if she is a good girl.

For those not aware of Elf on the Shelf, it is a great activity you can do with your kids every year at Christmas time and basically involves a little doll (you can buy a boy or girl doll) and you hide it around the house everyday and pose it doing something funny, and then the kids have to find it. You can read more about it here.
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I Moustache You a Question…….Do You Support Movember???

Movember | is the new November!  For those who are not familiar with this great cause check out the Movember Australia website for information on what it is all about and how to donate. I donate every year as I often feel mens health is sometimes in the background. The general idea is grow a moustache during the month of November and get people to sponsor or donate and use your Mo to start up conversations about mens health issues.

Movember Rules

Movember Style Guide

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