No Bake Carrot Cake Balls (but don’t forget the Cinnamon!)

Yummy Healthy No Bake Carrot Cake Balls |

I recently got some really cute little card treat trays from my supplier and wanted an alternative to a rich truffle to put in them for kids parties and I came across a great recipe from Essential Kids that I thought I would try.  Anything that states “No Bake” always catches my eye, especially in this rental property that has an oven that does not believe in maintaining temperature.  I cannot wait until we move (around 2 weeks) into our new house we are building and into that beautiful kitchen I have spent many months planning and dreaming about!

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Halloween Crafts for Kids

Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids, Paper Plate Craft, GhostsGrowing up in Australia, we never celebrated Halloween (my Birthday is 30th October so I was more focused on my birthday party!), however over recent years we as a country are slowly starting to embrace it. We have noticed each year there appears to be more and more kids dressing up and knocking on our door with baskets out shouting “Trick or Treat”! Wether you like it or not it appears to be here to stay and as such why not try a few quick and easy Halloween craft projects get you in the spirit of the day.

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I’m Back!!!

I'm Back!Well it has been a while, around a year to be honest,  since I have done a blog post and I must admit I was shocked (and embarrassed) at how long it had actually been.  This blog was to work hand in hand with my new business Small Favours and when I started out I had grand ideas of posting interesting party themed ideas and inspiration and tidbits about our life and family. So what happened?

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