Design Your Own Facebook Cover Photo….the easy way!!!

How to create a professional facebook cover photo| it be a personal or business Facebook page, I have had a lot of trouble getting my Facebook Cover photo to look great and be the right dimensions…until now!

Thanks to Retro Mummy (a blog which I follow), I have come across a great website app called PicMonkey.  This site allows you to easily create a collage which is the perfect fit for Facebook, also it costs you nothing and you don’t need to join….Yippeeeee

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We’re going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo…..Jungle Decoration Pack and Favours Coming Soon

$5 Complete Kingle Party Bag | loves animals, especially snakes and bugs which she deems are “cute”!  So I recently purchased a yearly pass to Australia Zoo which is just down the road from us and am so glad that I did. We have already been twice in two weeks and as you can go any week day (excluding school holidays but who would want to go then anyway). It is great to pop in for a couple of hours and have a look at different animals and not feel like you have to stay all day to get your moneys worth. If you are local and interested in finding more out about the pass go to this link.

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