Truly Wonderful the Mind of a Child Is….New Favour Bag on the way!

Yes I just googled Yoda Sayings in order to announce I am working on a STAR WARS favour bag and decorations.

The Wise old Yoda

The Wise old Yoda

Now I am not a huge fan of Star Wars (don’t send me hate mail for saying that), in truth I have not watched any of the originals and I think I saw only one of the newer ones and remember Natalie Portman trying to be older than she looks! Anyway I have to thank my dear friend Jen and her son (my godson) Larne for showing me the way….the Star Wars way!

(On a side note please visit my talented friends website as she does the best photography and is based at Hervey Bay but services the Coast – visit

Larne requested a Star Wars party and of course I was happy to provide it for him. So stay tuned for a new favour bag which will include a lightsaber (albeit mini version) and a darth vader character that talks and has glowing eyes. But I am most excited about the decorations pack I am putting together. Now as you might already realised, I am not doing the standard version of themes, I like to add a twist and make it look different to the norm.

Here is a sneak peek and hope to have it all up on the website and ready to sell before October…considering that is when Larne’s birthday is!!!

star wars 2

Star Wars Printed Decorations Pack - Coming Soon

Star Wars Printed Decorations Pack – Coming Soon

Let me know what you think and please make any other suggestion that you might want to purchase from and make sure your follow our facebook page to ensure you get all the latest updates.


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