Magic Bullet or Magic Pain in the A#$%?

So I recently purchased a Magic Bullet as I was looking for a way to get more vegies into Isabell (2.5 years) and a few people had suggested making smoothies with fruit and vegies like spinach. I had seen the infomercials and while I said I would never purchase anything from one of these ads, after some googling and looking at pinterest I decided to give it a go.

I pinned lots of recipes here on my personal pinterest and got very excited waiting for the mail man. Well it arrived and I currently have mixed feelings about it. I like that it is really easy to clean and good size however I cannot seem to make anything nice in it. I have tried a few different smoothie combinations but really dislike the flavour of bananas which seem to be in every recipe. So off I went again in search of something that both Izzy and I would actually drink.

I started off small and easy and thought I would just make my own orange juice with the juicer attachment provided. And after a very bad start (forgot to put the blade in the bottom so it just went everywhere when I was pushing it thru), I managed to get a fair bit of juice out of 3 oranges and it tasted really nice. It was light and airy though and like it had been shaken alot but creamy and fresh.


I then moved onto a strawberry smoothie and used fresh strawberries (my first mistake), milk (my second mistake) and uncrushed ice blocks ( my third mistake). And while the photos make it look like it was ok, it was infact watery and had huge chunks of ice in it.


I googled some more to find out where I went wrong and discovered frozen fruit works best, no need to add as much milk and it appears the old Magic Bullet just cannot handle ice blocks from my freezer!

So at this stage I am reserving my judgement of the Magic Bullet as I do believe there was a lot of user error and practice makes perfect so I will add my adventures over the months to come and finally give a fair review.

Do you have a Magic Bullet and if so what do you think? Also any recipe ideas or tips would be very welcomed.


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