Up in the Air I Fly….

Well what a day I have had! Trying to keep my little one occupied as she is going thru some kind of growth spurt/crazy behaviour while trying to finish up my photos for website Small Favours.  Today was balloons and thank god that kept the busy Izzy out from under my toes for an hour or so.  She loves balloons and especially loves having so many different sorts.  Her favourite by far was the clear balloon that I put confetti in. She loved how it all moved around inside and was fascinated how I got it all in there. (Sorry it is a bit blurry but she is one fast little girl!)

Balloons are awesome!

Balloons are awesome!

Clear Balloon with Confetti

Clear Balloon with Confetti


Red and Pink Heart Balloons

I then moved onto setting up this blog and adding a few more widgets. I had particular trouble with adding the Follow Me On Pinterest button.  The Pinterest site for goodies was good but I simply could not get it to work and look right. So after a bit of googling (who doesn’t like a good google every now and then) I found a great site that had the HTML code I was looking for. Thank you to Pinterest Logo.

I find all this technology interesting and have yet to meet a challenge I can not beat (albeit with the help of my BFF Goggle!)


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